The Test Process

The IvyGene test may confirm the presence of multiple cancers, as early as stage 1. Through a simple blood sample, The IvyGene test can provide critical insight into your health at the time of testing. Our testing process is simple and easy for everyone to access.

Talk to your Healthcare Provider

The IvyGene test is a simple blood draw that only medical providers are able to order. With advanced cancer testing, a medical provider may help guide patients down the proper path, and used with the normal standards of care, the IvyGene test will give patients and providers more insight into a patient’s health at the time of testing. If you would like to get tested, please call or make an appointment with your healthcare provider to request the IvyGene test. Browse our current providers to start your testing process.

How The Testing Process Works

How to Get Tested for Cancer

Consult With A Healthcare Provider

Start by talking to your healthcare provider to see if the test is right for you.

How to Get Tested for Cancer

Blood Draw

You can have your healthcare provider perform the blood draw

  How to Get Tested for Cancer

IvyGene Protocol

Your sample will be sent to the lab for review. All results will be sent to your healthcare provider for interpretation.

The IvyGene test confirms the presence of multiple cancers as early as stage 1. Early confirmation has been demonstrated to increase survival rates for many types of cancer.