The IvyGene Liver Test

Clinical Use

  • Confirm hyper-methylated DNA at multiple gene targets highly correlated with Liver Cancer presence
  • Streamline the confirmation of Liver cancer in patients at risk for Liver cancer. Patients with Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, NALFD, and other benign diseases are at a great risk for developing Liver cancer.

Testing Method​

  • Liquid biopsy
  • Blood draw: no centrifuge, freezing, or fasting

Clinical Necessity

Liver cancer incident rates have increased over 3X since 1980. Due to the difficulty in confirming Liver cancer, Liver cancer has a very high mortality rate.

  • Avg. 5-year survival rates for patients with Liver cancer are around 18%.
  • Standard screening tests for Liver cancer are not reliable. Protein markers, like the AFP or CEA, do not provide a combined high sensitivity or specificity and some early liver cancers may yield normal AFP results.
  • Patients with early-stage tumors that can be removed surgically have the best chance of long-term survival. Unfortunately, most liver cancers are inoperable at the time it’s diagnosed, either because the cancer is too advanced or the liver is too diseased to permit surgery

*Sources drawn from Cancer Research UK and WebMD

The IvyGene Liver test analyzes methylation ratios at specific gene targets to confirm the presence of liver cancer. Those gene targets were identified through AI and Next-Generation Sequencing technology, which decoded the human genome to produce specific gene targets for analysis. The IvyGene technology analyzes only those specific gene targets.

In a trial, the IvyGene Liver test produced a sensitivity of 80% and specificity of 86% on both cancer and healthy patients. Other biomarkers produced sensitivities ranging from 21-80% sensitivity and specificity ranging from 60-85%. Based on results of other biomarker tests, including the AFP and CEA.

Result Interpretation

Consult with the ordering medical provider about the Ivygene results. Patients with an elevated result may be at an increased risk for cancer at the time of testing.

The IvyGene Liver Test is beneficial for patients diagnosed with cirrhosis, hepatitis, NAFLD, diabetes, as well as other at-risk liver cancer conditions. Our test is a highly specific tool that can confirm the presence of liver cancer as early as stage 1.

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