Confirm the Presence of Multiple Cancers Early

Utilizing AI and cutting-edge technology, the IvyGene Platform acts as a highly accurate biomarker to confirm multiple cancers early. Unlike many biomarkers, the IvyGene tests combine high sensitivity and specificity through a simple blood draw.

The IvyGene Technology

IvyGene Early Cancer Detection TestingFor medical providers, the IvyGene technology provides critical information about a patient’s health at the time of testing. Elevated scores are consistent with cancer presence and give medical providers more insight into abnormal imaging tests, elevated bio-markers, or positive genetic tests another tool to streamline cancer diagnosis.

The Science

AI and Next-Generation Sequencing identified gene targets that have higher methylation levels when cancer is present. Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is more highly methylated than other cell-free DNA (cfDNA) at those specific gene targets. By analyzing the methylation ratios at those specific gene targets in whole blood, the IvyGene Technology may confirm the presence of multiple cancers, as early as stage 1.

IvyGene Early Cancer Detection Testing

The IvyGeneCORE Test

Validated for multiple cancer types, the IvyGeneCORE test provides a quantitative score that, if elevated, may confirm the presence of cancer as early as stage 1. IvyGeneCORE has been validated for breast, colon, liver, and lung cancers. Other cancer types may cause an elevated result.

IvyGene Early Cancer Detection Testing

The IvyGene Liver Test

The IvyGene Liver Test is beneficial for patients diagnosed with cirrhosis, hepatitis, NAFLD, diabetes, as well as other at-risk liver cancer conditions. Our test is a highly specific tool that can confirm the presence of liver cancer as early as stage 1.

IvyGene Early Cancer Detection Testing